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DS2DIO is a fully licenced KHDA performing arts Academy.  Enroll today in a class and let us help shape your talent.

Piano / keyboards

At Ds2dio Performing Arts, we are proud to be able to provide outstanding one to one piano instruction to kids & adults of all levels and abilities, whether they are interested in studying classical, jazz or pop piano. Our remarkable piano tutors are extremely flexible and know how to adapt in order to design the most suitable piano course and help you improve in the right direction.

Kids & Adults music education is our area of expertise. With more than twenty years of experience in the field, we are proud to have developed outstanding lessons for kids and adult piano enthusiasts. We are certain to have the ability to transform your music playing rapidly and to be able to offer you an outstanding Music education that is both highly educational and enjoyable. If you wish to become a proficient classical, jazz or pop pianist or keyboardist, you should not hesitate and join our wonderful one to one piano courses for adults.


Do you want to channel your inner Eric Clapton? Do you dream of playing like Paco de Lucia? If learning guitar is your dream, Ds2dio is the place to go. Our experienced teachers will be able to provide you with engaging lessons where you will learn from the basics to advanced skills for guitar playing. Regardless of your favourite style or your level , at Ds2dio we make sure that you enjoy your progress while learning your favourite tunes! Either with classical, acoustic or electric guitar, we got you covered with the best professionals, implementing Trinity, ABRSM or RockSchool exams for all grades!


Be the rhythm machine of your band learning with the best teachers here in Ds2dio. From the basic rhythm rudiments to advanced drumming techniques, we can cover every style of music for students of all ages.
Improve your sense of rhythm, hone your coordination skills and develop your musical versatility playing with other musicians with the help of our drum lessons. Our exceptional drum teachers will provide you with tailored lessons that will adapt to your preferences and learning pace, in a way that you will enjoy learning and see your improvements playing drums.


Be the life of the party playing this vibrant instrument! At Ds2dio, we will provide you with the best guidance towards mastering the Saxophone. Regardless of your age or level, our Saxophone teachers will tailor fun and engaging lessons that you will enjoy while progressing with your practice. Learn music theory concepts while you play beautiful songs. Improve your embouchure technique and define your sound with the help of our professionals. Either if you start from scratch , or you want to scrub up your Saxophone skills, at Ds2dio we are confident that you will have an amazing learning experience with our classes. No matter what genre you are into, we could help you learn your favourite songs, or aid you with your first steps into Jazz improvisation! We also can prepare you for the grade exams for Trinity, ABRSM or RockSchool syllabi.

Find your inspiration

Enroll today in one of our classes and let us help shape your talent.